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My Birthday Gift to Drupal

What do you give an open source software project that's got (almost) everything? Drupal's got friends and lovers, brains and passion, a sense of humor, talent, experience, hard earned income, simplicity and gravitas. It didn't have its own Manifesto. I think that's something it needs. Since Drupal is a Doacracy, here it goes. I hope you will sign and comment.
Happy Birthday Drupal.

The Drupal Manifesto
we are not developers, site builders, end users or consumers;
we are Drupalists - and our reach exceeds everyone's expectations;
we make it so.

13 Theses

    1. Drupal is forever. It is more than code, more than a community, even more than an open source culture.
    2. Drupal is a value, a state of mind. It is embodied by code, renewed by a community and advanced by culture.
    3. Drupal is art. Drupalists are artists. We create everyday. We convey meaning. We inspire. We evoke.
    4. Drupal is people. Drupal will reach everyone on the planet everyday and will make life more livable and joyous.
    5. Drupal is the medium and the message. Drupal is the fabric of a Global Digital Metropolis.
    6. Drupal is innovation and integration. It enables innovation and integration for others and it eats its own dog food.
    7. Drupal is profit. It is win, win, win.
    8. Drupal is big and small - Mom and pop and big bro too.
    9. Drupal is free and always will be.
    10. Drupal is not free and never will be. It requires care and feeding.
    11. Drupal is an investment. The more you put in the more you will get out. Drupal is meant to be learned.
    12. Drupal is what you want it to be.
    13. Drupal is not for everyone. If you are not a part of it leave us alone. Do something else. No hard feelings.

 Visit www.drupalmanifesto.drupalgardens.com to sign and comment. CNAME and all to come.